Free Range Milk

We are proud to be producing milk that is made by our cows out grazing the fields of Banchory-Devenick. We use high levels of clover in our grass, this helps the grass to grow faster as the clover produces nitrogen which can be used by the grass. Yes we cant graze grass all year round because its too cold in the winter for the grass to grow, SO we cut and store our summer grass and feed it back to the cows in the winter. We also grow kale in the summer which is then grazed (outside eating) by the cows in the winter months. These are a few of the reasons that make us dedicated to being a grass based system and not the intensive factory farms.

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"Freedom is one of the core values of Free Range Dairy. We want to provide freedom for our cows to graze our pastures and we want to provide consumers with the freedom to make an informed choice about the milk and dairy products they buy."