Our Rose Veal

Welfare Friendly and Farm Assured Rose Veal

Where does our veal come from? They are bull calves that are an inevitable by-product of dairy farming and if they were not reared for veal, they face being shot at birth or exported to Europe as they have no value in the UK beef market. They are kept in small groups in large pens with room to run around with deep straw bedding to sleep on. They are fed on a varied diet including milk, whey (by-product of our cheese), locally grown cereals and straw. The calves are reared to 6-7 months, the same age as most pork and lamb and considerably older than the vast majority of poultry on the market. Because of the way our calves are reared, the meat produced is a rich pink colour, hence the name rose veal, rather than the white veal which results from more dubious welfare practices.

Why eat Veal? Well it is a healthier option in comparison to other meats as it is very lean with little fat, it has a lovely tender and juicy taste and is simple to cook. Once you have tried our veal you will be back for more, guaranteed. So try our veal and taste the exceptional product. Being Farm Assured means that we adhere to a high standard of animal welfare practices on and off our farm and by doing so allows you to have complete confidence in our products.